Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (January 24)


Your love for the healing light should be so strong that you cover everything and everyone in the universe with this love and light.

Make up your mind that you can have healing in this lifetime as a constant companion. To the healing you must go, as the secure zone of your comfort is the healing light. As long as you stay away from the light, there will be no end to your troubles- physical, mental, emotional, financial, moral and spiritual. We all don’t know what karmic consequences we all have in our journey of life, but we have enough intelligence that we must heal more to protect the Self, and to realise; that we have to remain in the protection of the healing light as the Divines energy is supporting our future journey. Our love for the Divine and the process of healing brings us to a very deep connection immediately. Where we do not ask for anything except the work of the healing process. Healing hugs of deep contemplation. Love from the Divine frontiers

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