Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (January 4)


Our mind is of two kinds. Pure and impure, impure when united with desires and pure when free from desire.

When our mind is engaged in healing, it definitely becomes steadfast. Alert and undistracted and moving to a state where unruly desires exist no more, this is the highest stage. Our mind’s undisciplined movements must be healed in the heart, where the light dissolves all dissonance. This brings in true wisdom and happiness, so that we can connect to the healing process within. By moving inwards, the realisation dawns for each one of us. Our mind freed from the power of outward thoughts; brings us to the healing realm spontaneously. All the immense possibilities of divine realisations in the inner soul self become part of an aspiring healer. The mind always thinking about what more to heal, then becomes pure and strong. Healing hugs of pure practice. Love from the shores of non- attachment.

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