Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (January 7)


A poor man is completely overwhelmed by his troubles and afflictions.

Sometimes we all utter sighs of helplessness but are often afraid of the frowns of others, hence conceal the anguish of our hearts. Even when the heart weeps, we try to conceal the tears. Often we are convinced that there are not many around us who would understand. Then the healer within awakens, and one who can sympathise with such a sufferer, wipe away the tears, and heal for all, is really a magnanimous and generous healer. This healer then becomes worthy of his human birth and sees everything as a manifestation of the divine’s spirit of healing grace guiding the heart. So, today pledge to support the family and heal on. This world is your family. Healing hugs of continued blessings. Love to awaken all that you have forgotten about the Divine Grace in your heart.

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