Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (January 8)


Even as the days of the new year unfold, many of us are contemplating about the future journey of our life.

Yes, the patterns of life are unfolding new ways of life, all we have to do is to bear in mind that whatever one possesses is not solely one’s own efforts, because it is the collective effort of many people. They have their own share of it and everyone has a claim upon it. Consequently our riches including the healing vibrations must be used generously without humiliating the beneficiaries or even assume superior airs. Sweet and soft words have an importance of their own and are rarely out of place. They delight every heart just as harsh words have the power to wound. That is why a healer knows that when someone is in trouble, a hundred times more affection and healing has to be channelled upon them. Heal on and know that I am proud of you and your healing comforting abilities. Healing hugs of grace and healing. Love from the open heart.

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