Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (January 9)


Whatever we possess, learning, wisdom, wealth, prosperity, house, even this body, mind, senses and faculties- should always be available to heal with and satisfy the needs of others.

In reality in life, there is a contrary great desire to accumulate riches to gratify the senses, fulfilling one’s own sense of possession and ownership. As we heal in 2021 and beyond, we should become accustomed to make proper use of our circumstances, means and possessions. What we own is not meant for our enjoyment or to be kept stored. Stagnant water becomes foul and breeds germs, the same way things not put to proper use lose their value and become unfit for use. Heal to unblock your association and your abilities and share. Healing hugs of value. Love from the zone of honesty.

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