Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (January 8)

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for 08.01.2021 (all 12 signs)


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“You are very strong in the heart, but emotions will run strongly through you, and some patterns are truly supportive of your success, but others can also win. Confirming and adjusting to the circumstances surrounding your life goals is not a sign of weakness. Be happy at the end of the day, as you have been successful.”


astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“You are being supportive of an idea and will be rewarded with happiness and new responsibilities. Happy developments make you happy and excited, but you are also responsible for taking the right decisions to keep things together. Be careful with your health. Love your life.”

3. Gemini

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Alone and healing but, somewhere you know that there are plenty more people who love you more and more unconditionally. Just get through the day, and know that your family supports you. Continuous progress towards the betterment of life circumstances inspires you more than you bargained with.”

4. Cancer

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“It leaves you with a sense of great torture, and this depletes your impetus to put your best plans forward. Powerful influences in your aura this week will improve the situations. So keep your chin up. Activities, actions and decisions will need to be reworked today for you to remain in a happy state of mind.”

5. Leo

“Network with likeminded people, and know that there is nothing better than you consolidating your experiences with others who are willing to help you achieve your goals in the future journey ahead. Creative in your outlook you could be networking and creating a new way of life with new people.”

6. Virgo

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“Currently life is about new breakthroughs and your emotions are going blindly into play as you forge ahead with new decisions. Some of them may even be ruthless and people may condemn them. You will only regret what you did not do. Just wait for the right time and then act confidently and boldly.”

7. Libra

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“This is not the best time to fall in love or propose to anyone. This is a good period to ask for advice or study a new deeper perspective of what you do. Powerful influential people have the power to intimidate you but remember that they love you for sure. Suppressed anger will be released today if you are not watchful.”

8. Scorpio

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“Changing your stance connected to your destiny unfolding will give you a very strong chance to achieve happiness. There is a strong possibility of travel or even changing your place of residence. Stay connected to the real issues at hand and definitely know that the future journey is truly important for you, as you head towards success.”

9. Sagittarius

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“You are stronger in your resolve today, and nothing short of a miracle is seen, as all that your heart desires are fulfilled today. You will be financially in a much better place and you will feel energetic and confident to move ahead and assert your independence.”

10. Capricorn

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“Nesting in your heart is a strong desire to move away from home, but you will have to wait for the perfect time. Hard work and concentrated effort bring you to the forefront as recognition and a financial reward is definitely coming your way. Very strong vibrations in your aura are attracting attention and romance in your favour.”

11. Aquarius

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“Avoid pushing yourself too far, as there is a resistance from the outside world that has the power to upset your heart desires. Challenges are going to work out differently than you bargained with. Continue to harness the light guiding your spiritual path forward to manifest happiness in all you achieve.”

12. Pisces

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“You will notice that you will have to give up some of your comfort opportunities and being uncomfortable, move heaven and earth today to get your focus back. Reclaim your destiny and know that there is nothing that is wrong, be wonderful, and remain adamant about your own experiences with your family and work.”

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