Farmers Welfare Mission: UP Govt to seek help of progressive farmers to help the local farmers

Lucknow: Taking a step further for the development of farmers in the state, the Uttar Pradesh Government will seek the help of progressive farmers.

The “By the farmers, for the farmers” initiative will help to increase the income of farmers via advanced methods of farming.

These progressive farmers will tell their success stories to the rest of the farmers at the farmers’ fairs and seminars that will be held at a local level.

The government hopes that other farmers will also give their best by taking inspiration from the success stories of the progressive farmers. For this, the Agriculture Department will select 100 progressive farmers as role models for local farmers from every district. They will also be honored and given a platform to present their views in the programmes of ‘Farmers Welfare Mission’ that will be held in 350 blocks from January 6.

Farmers Producing Organisation (FPO) functionaries constituted at the block level will also be invited to the event. Along with giving certificates, the approved farm machinery bank and seeding equipments will also be distributed to the farmers.

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The entire campaign will be monitored from the governance level and the Agriculture Department will create a microsite of Kisan Kalyan. All information will be posted on the portal of the department and the information department will ensure publicity of this event on every platform. District wise information will also be collected about how many farmers were interacted during the campaign. Mobile and WhatsApp numbers of the concerned farmers will also be collected and a database will be maintained.

A committee will be constituted at the government level under the chairmanship of Agricultural Production Commissioner (APC) to conduct the campaign.

It is to be mentioned that, Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary, and Secretary of all the departments associated with the event will be convenors of the event.

It is worth mentioning that in in view of less exposure of women in the agricultural sector, the adequate participation of women will also be ensured in the ‘Mission Farmers Welfare’. In this regard, Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari has instructed all the District Magistrates.

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