Narendra Modi enjoys net approval of 55%, finds data firm's survey; 'matter of pride for all Indians', says JP Nadda

Noting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's approval rating is the highest among world leaders in a survey conducted by a US data firm, BJP president JP Nadda on Saturday said this is a testimony to his able leadership and a matter of pride for all Indians.

While Nadda tweeted to laud the prime minister's leadership, the BJP also held a press conference wherein Union minister Prakash Javadekar said it is a "rare phenomenon" that the prime minister's public approval has been rising over the past six years, defying the general trend of fluctuating ratings for most leaders.

American firm Morning Consult, which regularly tracks approval ratings of world leaders, said over 75 percent of people approve of Modi while 20 percent disapprove, putting his net approval rating at 55 percent.

This is higher than any other world leader the firm tracks.

Referring to the survey, Nadda tweeted that Prime Minister Modi has yet again emerged as the most popular head of government for his efficient handling of various issues and management of the COVID-19 crisis.

Ever since the Narendra Modi-led government came to power, people's trust in the government and the faith that the nation is progressing in the right direction has risen drastically, he added.

"This rating is a testimony of his able leadership and hard work and is a thing of pride for all Indians," Nadda said.

According to Morning Consult's survey, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's approval rating was 24 percent while it was in the negative for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as more people disapprove of his work than those who approve.

Javadekar attributed Modi's high approval rating to his foresight and able leadership. He said the government's "successful" handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has further boosted his popularity.

The Prime Minister has a vision for the country and formulates his programmes accordingly in which he is successful, he said.

Javadekar said Modi's approval rating of 55 percent is almost double that of the second most popular leader in the list of 13 democratic state heads, including those of the US, France, Australia, and Brazil.

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