Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (February 8)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


Blessings and healing hugs for your success and happiness!

Recite not praises but verses which carry some meaning and suggestions for your mind and your intellect. Your recitations must be such that they carry some useful information and sounds. Recite loudly and listen to the sound as though it comes from another source. Concentration will be easier. As you listen remember that your karam indriya – the mouth is reciting and your gyaan indriya – the ear is listening. When this happens, your concentration will be held effortlessly and a powerful synchronicity and harmony will touch your heart and healing will begin. You will be filled by a mystical feelable energy and you will have a strong silence within you after the recitation is complete. Continue to embrace the silence within. Continue to heal all.

Healed through and by your heart desires and the chakras of your heart consciousness!

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