Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (February 19)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


Blessings and healing hugs for your success and happiness!

Knowingly or unknowingly we opt to exercise our choices. An act to elect from out of the several available possibilities is the choice. It is the preference of one over the other, maybe a favourite, a liking, a desired option, to elect or select. One may opt for a choice thinking it to be to one’s advantage and benefit, but it may turn out to be otherwise. Choices sometimes are mere chances, as one is not sure of the outcomes. However there is some difference in perception, adaptation and application. Choices that we take are dependent on prevailing conditions, situations and circumstances which may or may not be conducive or may not have the desired results or may not be to our satisfaction or benefit. Considering the above, one can say that unless we heal all, we will always be dissatisfied and disappointed with the choice we made. So, let’s begin to heal on a daily basis. One day at a time.

Healed through and by your heart desires and the chakras of your heart consciousness!

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