Chennai school's question paper terms protesting farmers as 'violent maniacs'; Twitter users express outrage

A popular CBSE school in Chennai has landed in a controversy after a question paper referred to the farmers who protested against the farm laws during the Republic Day tractor rally as "miscreants" and "violent maniacs."

These politically-charged descriptions were part of a question in a Class 10 revision exam paper, according to an article in The News Minute.

The question paper was given to the students at DAV Boys school in Chennai.

The question read: “The diabolical violence that broke out in the national capital on Republic Day filled the hearts of the citizens with condemnation and abhorrence after the farm law protesters went on a rampage destroying public property and attacking police personnel in broad daylight. Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper in your city, condemning such terrible, violent acts of miscreants who fail to realise that country comes before personal needs and gains. Destroying public property, disgracing the national flag, and attacking police personnel are few of the various illegal offences committed, that can never be justified for any reason whatsoever.”

The question further also students to “suggest a few measures to thwart such violent maniacs who act under external instigation.”

Several people on Twitter expressed outrage over the politically-loaded nature of the question.

The question also reportedly evoked confusion among students who took the exam. An article in The New Indian Express quoted a student as saying, ""We had an option to answer another question. So I picked that. Some of my classmates told me that they simply elaborated on the same view expressed in the question because they did not have to think much."

On 26 January, the National Capital witnessed clashes between protesters and police during the tractor parade by farmers to press their demand of repealing three new farm laws.

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