Instagram is working on TikTok-like vertical feed format for Stories: Report

Instagram, the famous photo and video sharing social networking service, owned by Facebook is working on a new design for its stories that could replicate the TikTok style. Instagram will be changing the design of stories to swipe vertically in an up/down style. TechCrunch report suggests that the feature on Instagram isn't being tested yet but the changed code for the feature is already underworking. The vertical up and down swipe would make the app behave more like how the reels are scrolled within the app.


A developer named Alessandro Paluzzi shared the screenshot of the feature that doesn't really show how the feature works but has a short description of how it will work.

Looking at the new change, it seems like Instagram wants to unify the experience of features across its application considering how we already swipe up/down for scrolling through the feed and Reels.

As of now, users can look through the stories with left/right swipes or taps on the left or right side of the screen, which moves to the next or previous story. This experience will change completely with the new 'Vertical Stories'.

This feature still stands as a prototype, and there is no clarity if it will ever make it to the public for use, but this move definitely confirms that Instagram is working on functionalities that are pretty much similar to TikTok and could be working to offer a better overall user experience.

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