Mathura court admits two suits seeking removal of mosque from near Lord Krishna temple

Mathura: A court on Saturday admitted two suits seeking the shifting of a 17th century mosque away from a temple which the devouts believe marks the birthplace of Lord Krishna, according to a district government counsel.

Civil Judge Senior Division Neha Banaudia admitted the suits and fixed 10 March as the date of the next hearing.

District Government Counsel Counsel Sanjai Gaur said one of the suits was filed by Advocate Shailendra Singh and four others.

They sought the shifting of the Shahi Idgah mosque, which is claimed to have been built at the birthplace of Lord Krishna, within the 13.37-acre premises of the Katra Keshav Dev temple.

The other suit filed by Hindu Army chief Manish Yadav was also admitted.

The suit was filed on 15 December.

Judge Neha Banaudia also ordered that no fresh suit will now be admitted. The judge also set a date for becoming a party to the case.

Anybody desirous of becoming a party can file the request within a month as any request after that won’t be accepted, the order said.

The judge has also ordered to get the directions published in newspapers for coverage

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