Nickelodeon, Netflix to stream Transformers new animated series

New Delhi: Entertainment One- the production arm of toymaker multinational American conglomerate, Hasbro, is aiming to produce to new animation series- ‘Transformer’, ‘My Little Pony’ with the aim to air it on the streaming giant- Netflix along with Nickelodeon channel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the entertainment studio has decided to land the new ‘Transformers’ animation series at both Nickelodeon and Netflix. Entertainment One is also producing ‘My Little Pony’ which is set for a release on the streaming service this year.

According to the sources, the production house is targeting the younger audience for the new shows.

The show comes from executive producers Ant Ward (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Nicole Dubuc (Transformers: Rescue Bots) and developer and co-exec producer Dale Malinowski.

The series will be based on new species of ‘Transformers’ who are looking for their place among the Autobots, Decepticons and the human family that adopts them.

Nickelodeon Animation president, Ramsey Naito said, “As soon as I read the creative concept, which at its core is about family, I knew we absolutely had to tell this story with our good friends at eOne and Hasbro.

“The series will tell a reimagined story featuring both original characters and fan-favourites for a whole new generation of kids and families. The creative team at Nick, overseen by Claudia Spinelli, senior VP animation development, can’t wait to get started on building this new world.”

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of ‘Transformers: BotBots’ based on the toy line of the same name.

Olivier Dumont, president of family brands at eOne said in an official statement that, “We are delighted to partner with Netflix to bring an all-new Transformers story to life and explore a whole new universe with BotBots,”

“Transformers storytelling has expanded into so many new avenues, and we can’t wait to surprise both existing fans and new fans coming to the franchise for the first time with these fun bots who are definitely more than meets the eye,” he added.

‘Transformers: BotBots’ is reportedly, the second original animated series in the franchise to land on Netflix, following the anime-inspired ‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’. The streamer also carries several other animated shows in the franchise.

Nickelodeon, Netflix to stream Transformers new animated series

The show ‘My Little Pony’ will expand on the occasions of the film, wherein the pony world of Equestria loses its wizardry. The show will follow the further adventures of Sunny Starscout, an optimistic Earth Pony, and her companions.

Meanwhile, the studio is also looking forward to acquiring the kid’s favourite shows like ‘PJ Masks’ and ‘Peppa Pig’. (ANI)

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