Snapchat introduces a ‘friend check up’ feature that reminds users to review their friend list

Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app that was once popular for its strong privacy features, is now rolling out a new feature that will remind its users to keep checking their friend lists. Although, the app may have been overshadowed by both old and new rivals. The company was once favoured publicly for its strong privacy safeguards that helped protect its users. But despite the security measures compromising images or videos shared on the platform still managed to leak out.

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Although Snapchat may have strong privacy measures, it can’t always vet everyone you added as a friend. The company now is offering a regular reminder to only keep people who can be trusted on the lists. The new 'friend check up' feature will prompt users to review their friends and will make it easy to prune that list, without even alerting the other party.

In Snapchat, people on the friend lists could be critical as some features are enabled only for those who have mutually added themselves as friends but others work on the assumption that people in a group are real friends. To view your friend lists on Snapchat, open the app and tap on your profile icon followed with ‘My Friends’ and review the list of friends. To remove a friend, tap and hold on the name of your friend, followed by 'More' and 'Remove friend'.

The new 'friend check up' feature will start rolling out in the coming weeks on Android and might take a few months for iOS. This new feature will be the network’s latest contribution to Safer Internet Day this year, along with partnerships with MindUp for parents and Trevor Project for LGBTQ+ youths.

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