Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (March 16)

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for 16.03.2021 (all 12 signs)


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“Your family could be facing some stressful situations and will need your presence to sort out the situation. Goals and desires seem to be waiting to be fulfilled. You tend to avoid stressful confrontations and situations that are not truly supportive of your life goals.”


astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Critical thinking needs to be cultivated. It is a work issue or something in your personal life, be proactive in travelling through a financial journey and cultivate savings. Adjustments will need to be made as far as your expenses are concerned. You will be in a happy mood that attracts a lot of new people around you.”

3. Gemini

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“You are sure of your feelings but remember that it is not your day clearly. Step back and spend time instead with a loved one. It is very important to also look out for over spending. Change your mind as much as you want, but finally you know what your thoughts are and where they are leading you.”

4. Cancer

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“At work some people react jealously to you and your work. Be patient as you cannot undo what has been set in motion. Feeding wrong information could create a new hurdle. You need to cultivate compassion and more confidence to disconnect and create a new frontier of trust.”

5. Leo

“There could also be a divergence of opinions that will manifest your destiny in the order of the day full of the light. Continue to be selfish, as there are people who are not willing to help you with the work that will be beneficial to you, but eventually you will be able to achieve your goals successfully.”

6. Virgo

“It is time to set out your priorities and make more time with family. Meditation and astrology could engage your attention and compassion for others who are searching unsuccessfully for answers. Just use your day to introspection and create a bigger learning ground for all involved as you move ahead.”

7. Libra

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Changes in your environment are inevitable but you are not going through the day with equanimity. Be very guarded and cautious if you have been wanting to pour out your feelings to a friend. When all your thoughts are moving towards more work, your family will definitely feel neglected.”

8. Scorpio

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“At this moment in time you are not going to be able to change the opinion of your destiny choices to others but know that all will be eventually understood. Since you seem to be distracted today, confrontations with those you look up to must not happen. You are searching, but mystically so much that happens, you do not understand.”

9. Sagittarius

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Supportive family relationships with your family and your finances, enable your creativity to flow through your experiences. Just be brave when it comes to facing failure of a loved one. When all thoughts are leading you to reorganise life experiences, you will be grateful for the assistance of your family.”

10. Capricorn


“Changes at home have the power to upset you. There will be a small skirmish in the day full of the light guiding you to manifest happiness. There is joy and prosperity for all connected in your life. Involved in a social enterprise, sharing experiences with others will be rewarding and supportive of your success.”

11. Aquarius

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Challenges in your work may even make you absent minded. Robust gains from friends will give you a complete overview of the business opportunities ahead. Creating a new pattern at work for all involved could bring you some envy energies, disregard them and move on to create your own work decisions.”

12. Pisces

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Creativity and a resilience is being observed by your bosses and there is no turning back from the work. You will be happily meeting young people at an event that promotes youthfulness in you. Be prepared to take on more members in your team and prepare them well for success. Allow members of your family to have a meltdown and worthily support them.”

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