50% of the samples collected from Maharashtra were obtained from the modified Indian species coronavirus.

MUMBAI: 50% of the Covid-19 positive samples collected from Maharashtra have been found to contain 50% of the modified Indian species of coronavirus. Samples collected for testing for viruses were sent to the laboratory. Of these, about 50% of the specimens were found to be newly infected with the highly contagious Indian species ‘SARS-COV-2’ virus ‘B.1.617’.

Most of the samples were collected from Vidarbha. However, samples collected from within the city have not yet identified the B.1,617 mutated virus, according to scientists. It is one of the 10 national laboratories that identify the full range of properties from the sample.

The Union Ministry of Health has not yet provided any details on the full quality follow-up project. However, 13614 samples were processed in 10 laboratories by Thursday to determine the full quality sequence, according to sources.