Astrology 2021: Message of the day (April 27)

Message of the Day – By Renooji



“I am beginning to understand the needs of others and thus I radiate the compassion that arises in my heart through the healing process towards them willingly, as my gaze becomes pervasive and ocean like.” Repeat 11 times at the heart chakra.

“The solid growth in my healing self brings me to a space of emptiness where I find solace and strength to leave the healing light to heal, the loving energies to love, the perception of happiness a reality to enjoy in satisfaction.” Repeat 8 times at the kidney chakras.

“I rest my hands gently and comfortably covering my knees, where there is a spark of light that restores playful humour and a solid understanding that we all have to heal our fear daily and mine is healed forever.” Repeat 11 times at the knee chakras.

Healing hugs of a great heart full of protection and happiness. Love from the river of Healing.

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