Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (April 2)

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for02.04.2021 (all 12 signs)

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“If you want to be successful, you will have to work within the system. Pretending that you have a strong sense of confidence, will see you through a tough day. There are plenty of new people around you and your family members that are very controversial and controlling. Skip the delay patterns from habit and make a mark with punctuality and attentiveness.”

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign
“Nesting in your consciousness is a beautiful thought that you should do philanthropy, but, there are bills to be paid that you need to focus on. Just in the middle of the day there will be a good news, which will up lift your mood and bring in some financial uplifting ideas that will be lucrative in the long run.”

3. Gemini
astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign
“Forward and backwards, you will be able to negotiate a deal for the welfare of the growth of the company and financial progress is inevitable. Step out of the box, break old patterns and set up a work challenge that inspires everyone to collaborate. Your family is wilting as you do not have sufficient knowledge and time to restore happiness.”


“Situationally there is a strong position that you have taken at work that brings you happiness and success. Just be patient with your family as their support makes you think about your life goals and move towards them. Be patient with your thoughts as they could end up stressing you.”

5. Leo

“The same process of sending the knowledge, then hiding vital information and outsourcing will continue. Harmonised in your environment, you will need to be charming and look out for others’ interest as well. Considerate and wise, there are some patterns of healing grace that are making life glide along, and you need to keep your mind on the work to benefit.”

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign
“Creative ideas and some great opportunities will come up to give you a push in the right direction. Patiently waiting for the future to unravel your happiness and for your life experiences to come out for your success is good but you will also have to put the work effort. Stay connected to your fitness regime as there could be some laziness setting in.”

7. Libra
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“It is better to be diplomatic and bring the family to a greater future happiness. Some of you will be getting into long term partnerships. At the same time the people around the world will be there for you. You are very supportive to the community and this story of your life brings you happiness and healing.”

8. Scorpio
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“Connect to your intrinsic nature of being helpful and supportive, and move ahead today to support all that needs to be accomplished. You will be sending out a fine message of togetherness which makes everyone around you comfortable and connected. Financial planning in place, you will rest easy at the end of the day.”

9. Sagittarius
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“Allowing others to create the expansion of knowledge about how to get things completed will only complicate things. Step away from helplessness to generate a new support system. You will be able to make progress and will be satisfied at the end of the day. Celebrations and family togetherness leave you happy.”

10. Capricorn

“Contemplation and considerations about finances will keep you from taking the final step towards completing a goal. There are helpful family members but they will have an agenda for the support they are willing to give you. Step back from your heart desires and make practical decisions and choices for success.”

11. Aquarius
astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign
“You need to be very strong about your finances and support the elders in the future work. You will get to consolidating your finances with the help of a finance expert and may realise you are not in a safe place yet. Your sphere of influence has steadily grown.”

12. Pisces

“Medically someone close to you will need assistance and maybe even financial support. Be calm in the middle of the storm as your persuasive speech and personality will convince and create amicable situations to support success. Be frugal in your own spending as times ahead need finances that you do not have in the pocket yet.”

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