Kangana Ranaut enjoying weekend curfew with her ‘slightly annoying friend’ (Video)

New Delhi: Actress Kangana recently gave a glimpse of her home in Mumbai on Twitter. She posted a video in which she was sitting in her balcony with a cuckoo bird singing in the background. Kangana said she realised a lot of things while sitting with this new and slightly annoying friend of hers.

She captioned the video as, “This little koyal telling me many things I failed to hear for so long…I always said I live alone suddenly finding many who were always there but in my hectic life I never realised,” Kangana wrote adding, “Lovely to be home with my new but slightly annoying friend.”

Earlier in the day, Kangana shared her ‘thought of the day’ by saying, “Who isn’t loyal to parents will never be loyal to the nation or to lover, disloyalty becomes an inbuilt trait and start to feed on our confidence like termites. Loyality isn’t something others need it is the fuel of our own integrity, most important to live well.”

Kangana was set to return on silver screen on April 23 with her much awaited biopic ‘Thalaivi’, but the release of the film has been postponed amid the ongoing rise in COVID-19 cases across the nation.

Producers of the film Thalaivi said, “Since the film has been made in multiple languages, we would like to release it in all languages on the same day. But with an alarming rise in Covid-19 cases, subsequent precautions and lockdowns, even though our film is ready for release on 23rd April, we want to extend all the support towards the government rules and regulations and have decided to postpone release of Thalaivi.”

Apart from Thalaivi she is also in action-packed film ‘Dhaakad’ and ‘Tejas’ which based on a female Air Force officer.

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