Ugadi 2021: Date, tithi and rituals of festival which marks start of new year for many communities

The festival of Ugadi will be celebrated by the people of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana on Tuesday, 13 April. The day which is observed on the first day of Chaitra — a month in the Hindu lunisolar calendar — is considered to be the New Year. Traditionally called Yugadi, the festival is also celebrated as Gudi Padwa by people in Maharashtra and Konkan.

Ugadi 2021 tithi

The festival will be celebrated on 13 April. The Pratipada Tithi will start on 12 April at 8 am and will continue till 10:16 am on 13 April.

Ugadi significance and rituals

As Ugadi marks the beginning of the New Year for many communities, it is an important occasion. The celebrations begin early in the morning when people wear new clothes after taking an oil bath.

Muggulu or rangoli, which is a colorful pattern, is made on the floor. The house is also decorated with mango leaves and this decoration is called torana. On this day, decorating the house with neem is considered auspicious.

Charity is also a crucial part of the festival celebration. People help the needy on this day and exchange gifts with their loved ones. Dishes like Puliogara, lemon rice, raw mango rice, etc. are prepared to celebrate the special occasion.

Ugadi Pacchhadi, a dish that is prepared on this day is a part of the rituals. It is prepared by mixing jaggery with grated raw mangoes, salt, neem leaves, and flowers. This bitter-sweet-sour prasad is consumed by the people in order to remind themselves that life is a combination of several different flavors. It signifies that everyone in life will experience both happiness and pain.

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