YouTube is testing 'few new designs' that don't show the public dislike count on videos

Responding to creator feedback on "well-being and targeted dislike campaigns", YouTube says it is testing few new designs for the platform where the public dislike count would not show. The 'new designs' are still an experiment and will be visible to some creators and viewers over the coming weeks. Creators will still be able to see the total likes and dislike on a video in YouTube Studio. For viewers, the ones who are part of the experiment, there will be a dislike button, but it won't show the dislike counter.

YouTube announced experimenting with the design on its official Twitter account.

Last week, YouTube also announced expanding the ‘Products in this Video’ option. The update is going to provide videos for related content in any YouTube video. The feature will appear when a user will scroll through the video player and in between the recommended videos.

The update will be an addition to the pre-existing ‘recommended videos’ section that suggests users play videos similar to the ones that they are already watching. It is expected to focus on the video that users watch to check the features of a product before making a purchase.

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