Astrology 2021: Message of the day (May 13)

Message of the Day – By Renooji




“I am the first sunbeam”



Every one of us lives in the effulgent light of the sun, wakes up to a bright new day, and recognises the sunlight flowing through our windows and wakefulness is resurrected. The spiritual sun rises in our inner heart and awakens us to the first ray of the silent sunbeam. We become skilful in dealing with the civilisation that is powerful enough to worship the Divine. Whenever the light beam appears in our inner heart consciousness; a new (our) awakened soul springs up. In the mind, the door of realisation opens to let the seeker go deeper into the truth. A genuine and workable light appears and we know that it guides us to always walk through the corridors of light. Carefully, objectively examined, unravelled, dissolved, healed and loved, we live in the rich and spacious environment of our heart. Healing hugs of new expectation. Love from the enlightened.



Healed: “I remain illuminated”

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