Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (May 17)

Message of the Day – By Renooji

“I am the healer.”
We must not be in too much of a hurry to solve all our problems, our doubts, delays and hardships, as we have to make haste slowly to heal all. Staying away from unreasonable expectations will keep the healing instincts intact. As we move ahead on the road of spiritual transformation, consciousness, contemplation and growth, we move
slowly towards contentment. We cannot expect to have all the answers to our questions about enlightenment. Know that the spiritual journey is one of healing the self in humility and letting go of blame for self purification. Come to a point slowly where you learn to appreciate your healing connection but always in humility know that it is the “Light” ….. the healer, travelling with you in your heart. Appreciate and lovingly in surrender and togetherness heal all. Healing hugs of patience. Love from the zones of time immemorial.


Healed: “I am transformed into a healing instrument”.

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