Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (May 29)

New Delhi: “I am consciousness.”

To be completely alive in all moments, and to be alive to the presence of the light of healing in every space of light, we must connect to the essence of the healing action which brings us to the new state of empowerment and the unity of the mind. Affirming that one is seeking the grace of the healed heart, continue the journey in an awakened state of consciousness to be healed by wisdom and grace. Fill the self with joy, with energy, with wisdom and courage, and compassionately allow the healed consciousness to overcome obstacles and hurdles. In a direct, skilled and powerful position carry your healing action beyond the pure realm of wisdom, opening the mind and heart to the embodiment of pure truth. Awaken and blossom the healing grace like a lotus at your crown chakra to allow the new to flow in. Healing hugs of beauty and the blossoms. Love from the pond of light.

Healed: “I am one with you!”

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