Astrology 2021: Message of the day ( May 8)

Message of the Day – By Renooji




“I am the heart beat.”


Lifetimes of ignorance and suffering has brought us to connect to healing the self in this lifetime. The greatest triumph is to do things in the best interest of all around us, in the moment, in a heart beat. Identifying our very survival with the beating heart, our actions timed in union with the breath. Connect to the true knowledge of the universe, our mind, our identity, to let go of the helplessness, the sabotage, the threats. Just heal on with determination, to spiritually develop your heart, your breath and the wisdom of your heartbeat. Grow a sense of inner expansiveness, with a vivid and generous sense of humour, loving and healing on. Healing hugs of freedom. Love from the meditative self.



Healed: “I prepare my loving heart to share more.”

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