Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (May 9)

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for 09.05.2021 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

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“There could be a conflict within the family or even a sibling. Refrain from using naughty words, thoughts and language, but, contain your excitement as well. Work with the energies at hand and wellness for you to achieve success will be inevitable. Creatively you are brilliant and admired by many.”


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“You are prone to losing your cool so stay away from road rage or conflicts in the office. Be careful today while you are on the road. You should be vigilant about the way you are interacting with others. There could be a misunderstanding or a long standing financial dispute which could end up being a topic of discussion that has the power to upset you.”

3. Gemini

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“Be careful of your sharp tongue and know that there is a greater impact in your silence. Create a base plate of love for your relationships today. Your heart space is very good, you connect emotionally also, but there is a social view of you being unapproachable which goes against the grain of work.”

4. Cancer

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“You must think hard and strong before you take the plunge, and before you start anything new, you must have been a great giver. The patterns of happiness are truly supportive of your life circumstances. Just be patient with yourself today and you will be able to achieve your healing success ahead with family.”

5. Leo

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“You may have new ideas about what you want to undertake at work and this could be a source of complete success. You are improving your daily routine and taking things to a new level of excellence in your relationships with your family and friends. Happiness is a good commodity to share with others.”

6. Virgo

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“It is not that you are avoiding an issue, it is more like you don’t know how to sort things out. Challenging but the game has to be better after you involve yourself, thus, your priorities will be comforting in the long run. Your aggressive decisions will manifest success and happiness for those involved.”

7. Libra

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“There will be a set back at work, as someone is trying delay tactics to get an edge in. Refrain from sending your thoughts in written format as this may be used against you – by whom and when is unknown, especially when your future play is unsure. Continue to shine in your life choices.”

8. Scorpio

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“You could end up arguing with the person who is helping you the most to create your new identity. You are more popular today than ever before, but something in your aura energy is having the power to spoil your happiness. Refrain from sending or telling your family about the future success.”

9. Sagittarius

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“Solitary life experiences with your spiritual consciousness is also something that you look forward to. This is the time when most of you will be emotionally and romantically inclined. Your competency is something that is appreciated and at the very end you will realise that you are most interested in seeing people’s response.”

10. Capricorn

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“The attitude of a family member may leave you feeling sad but things emotionally improve by the end of the day. A beautiful pattern of wisdom unfolding in your spiritual consciousness is leading you towards better relationships and success. Process of change brings you new friends and new investment opportunities.”

11. Aquarius

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“Consolidate all your finances in order to get through a loan and your income will help resolve the issue. Creating a strong mind connection with loved one will help you complete tasks that have been pending for long. It seems that at the end of the day there will be a work focus that inspires you to work.”

12. Pisces

“There are plenty of people who are seeking your attention. Relax and refrain from an antagonist position and clearly see patterns of the situation to make your own position strong. You are in a very volatile mood today and could fly off the handle in any argumentative situation.”

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