Heartbreaking: Covid +ve girl whose ‘Love You Zindagi’ video from hospital went viral, is dead

New Delhi: The Covid patient, whose video from the hospital went viral on social media is no more. She passed away due to Covid-related complications on Thursday, Dr Monika Langeh said in a post on Twitter on May 13.

Dr. Monika Langeh tweeted, “I am very sorry..we lost the brave soul.. Om shanti… please pray for the family and the kid to bear this loss.”

The 30 year old girl, admitted in a Covid emergency ward of the hospital became an internet sensation as the video of her bravery & positive attitude while being infected by Coronavirus, was hailed and greeted by many netizens.

Her story went viral as she was spotted swaying to the tunes of Love You Zindagi from Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s 2016 film Dear Zindagi in the emergency ward so as to boost her morale.

Hospital Video that won hearts of netizens, lifted spirits

Earlier this week, Dr Langeh had shared a video of the 30-year-old Covid patient.

Doctor tweeted, “She is a strong girl with strong willpower asked me to play some music & I allowed her. Lesson: “Never lose the Hope”” In the video, the girl is seen enjoying Alia Bhatt’s song ‘Love You Zindagi.’

Social media devastated, Sonu Sood tweets

Social media users are devastated and mourned the loss of the young patient in the comments section of the post.

Actor Sonu Sood also mourned her demise. He said, “So so sad, never ever she would have imagined that she won’t be able to see her family again. Life is so unfair. So many lives which deserved to live are lost. No matter how normal our life becomes but we will never be able to come out of this phase.”


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