‘Life is unpredictable’, tweets Rohit Sardana’s wife Pramila after his sudden demise

New Delhi: Rohit Sardana’s wife Pramila Dixit on Saturday took to social media and wrote a condolence message for him.

She wrote, जीवन अप्रत्याशित है.. आप सबकी ओर से मिली सांत्वना और संबल भी अप्रत्याशित है.. कष्ट जीवन भर का है लेकिन कोशिश रहेगी @sardanarohit की तरह मजबूत रहूं प्रेम की सार्थकता प्रेम बने रहने में ही है नश्वर शरीर के जाने के बाद भी .. आप सभी का आभार

“Life is unpredictable . The consolation and support from all of you is also unexpected. The pain is for a lifetime but I will keep trying like Rohit Sardana, love is the key to love.” Even after the death of the mortal body .. thank you all.( translated from Hindi)

Senior Aaj Tak journalist Rohit Sardana passes away due to Covid 19 on Friday. He had tested positive for the Coronavirus and suffered a heart attack on Friday morning. The veteran journalist was admitted to Metro Hospital on Thursday.

Rohit Sardana dies: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia and sever other leaders condole the death of Aaj Tak anchor.

Sardana had risen through the ranks, from starting out as a copy editor in the early 2000s. Over the years, he was worked with Zee News as an executive editor and anchor. He used to host the debate show ‘Dangal’ on Aaj Tak. He has been awarded the Ganesh Vidyarthi Award in the year 2018. He was one of the popular faces of TV news journalism.


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