Navneet Kalra pleads antcipatory bail as Delhi Police issues lookout notice

New Delhi: Delhi Police has issued a lookout notice against Delhi-based businessman Navneet Kalra in the oxygen concentrators hoarding case. On the other hand, Navneet Kalra has applied for an anticipatory bail in the Saket court fearing his arrest in the case which also involves black marketing racket of the hoarded equipments.

Delhi Police recovered 620 oxygen concentrators for the three restaurants owned by Navneet Kalra – Khan Chacha, Town Hall and Nege Ju bar. Two of these restaurants – Khan Chacha and Town Hall are situated in the upscale Lutyen’s Delhi. Kalra is currently absconding, while the manager and three staffers were apprehended on Friday for running a black marketing racket in the national capital.

The Delhi police recently got their hands on an audio clip in which he was marketing his concentrators. He was also talking about allotment of hoarded equipments to his ‘friends’ in Khan Market area.

He also said that he gets too many calls and he can’t answer them all. He also said he has too much pressure as he is running out of machines, “If anyone still needs a machine, then they will be blocked by 3 [it couldn’t be ascertained if it is am or pm]. I am out of machines, so I can’t allot the machines to even Khan Market friends. So please share this message…I have too much pressure on me.”

Police also got some screenshots of Navneet Kalra’s WhatsApp chat group which reveal his involvement in the case. According to the police, on April 26, Kalra has written about the demand and supply of oxygen concentrators. They have also received video footage of the area outside Khan Chacha restaurant.

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