SBI: No need to go online, no need to go to the bank, your bank work will be done at home on just one phone

New Delhi: If you have an account with State Bank of India, this is important news for you. There is no need to go to the bank branch or login online if there is any transaction related to the bank. You can work on just one phone. You can withdraw money from your account on one phone. If you need money, a bank representative will come to your home and deliver the money. Apart from this, if you want to deposit money, bank representatives can also do the work of depositing money. (State Bank of India SBI started doorstep banking know details about services you can use)

Which SBI services are available on the phone?
Nowadays many banks have started doorstay banking facility. In this, home banking service is provided to senior citizens and Divyang Bank customers. Other services are also provided to the customers besides giving bank cash to the customer, accepting amount from the customer, depositing the check, ordering the check, accepting Form 15H, demand draft delivery, term deposit advice. KYC documents are also accepted.

Facilities available to any customer
According to SBI's website, Doorstep Banking has been launched for disabled citizens and those above 70 years of age. The important thing is that the customer's mobile number should be linked to their account.

How much does it cost?
According to the customer care officer of Doorstep banking, the fee for registration is Rs 88.55 per person. After this the bank representative will come to your house and complete the next process. You can start doorstep banking through the bank's website, mobile app and net banking. You can visit for more information. You can also call the branch where your account is located. You can also call 18001037188 and 18001213721.