Vaishakha Purnima 2021: Time, rituals and significance of Full Moon day

One of the most significant days in the Hindu calendar is Purnima tithi or Full Moon day. Vaishakh or Vaishakha Purnima is going to be celebrated on Wednesday (26 May).

Considered to be a sacred month, Vaishakh is the second month of the Hindu calendar. On the day of Vaishakha Purnima, devotees organise Satyanarayana Puja at their home and also offer prayers to Lord Vishnu.

The Vaishakh Purnima tithi will begin on 25 May at 8.29 pm and end on 26 May at 4.43 pm.

Vaishakha Purnima Puja

The rituals performed on this day involve observing a fast from sunrise to moonrise. Devotees take a bath in any holy river before starting the fast. During the day, devotees also offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and the household deity. Satyanarayana Katha is also recited by the devotees on Vaishakha Purnima.

A special offering is made for the Lord. A sweet dish is prepared by using coconut, jaggery, honey, semolina, milk and ghee. This is offered to the Lord during the Vaishakha Purnima puja. Along with this sweet dish, betel leaf, betel nuts and sandalwood are also offered to the Lord.

The Vaishakha Purnima fast comes to an end at moonrise when devotees offer arghya.

Vaishakha Purnima Significance

Devotees who perform baths at sunrise may seek salvation from the cycle of birth and death. It also denotes purification of both the body and the mind.

The vrat or fast of Vaishakha Purnima is considered important as it is believed that it brings prosperity and peace in the lives of those who observe it. Devotees are also encouraged to take part in charity work.