Astrology 2021: Message of the day (June 1)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


The view.

Splendour of our chakras:

The healing rays of a diamond light beam that will take a long path to naked awareness, coming down today.

Connect to the light of deep contemplation and awareness in your crown chakra which is at the top of your head. Stay there for a few moments as you breathe in and out to feel a sense of wellness, in vibrations, in heat or coolness. Spreading this beam of light to your world, through your heart chakra at the centre of your chest, in purity, in strength, in compassion, know that you are in devotion, in perseverance, in having the ability to simply let go, aiding your world to receive. People are in different stages of evolution and some may be struggling, but as you channel the light, know that a force greater than us is being tested for our world, and the beginning of the descent has begun. Stay and receive as the presence and the Force is greater than our world.

No desire.

No action.

No striving.

No force.

Just healing….ready for whatever comes!

Healing hugs of spiritual joy. Love from the beam.




Crown and Heart.

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