Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (June 12)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


The View:
The splendour of our chakras.
Gradually we all feel that we are coming closer to the healing mind and in this process, accessing more wisdom plus the grace of healing.

The process of handling and caring for the world that we live in, the view is nothing but just having the ability to create a healing frontier for all that we see as it actually is. The view is an unbroken line of stabilised unbroken healing experiences. Healing the nature of the mind means  bending the beams of light sufficiently to light up the inner mind and flow with the truth of all that needs healing. With extreme power, clarity and strength of healing, we can heal all as we move ahead. As we put our heart and our mind in the light of freedom, we are further empowered to ensure that the spiritual consciousness spreads, know that there is safety and you are spreading new awareness. Secure, in a spacious zone of warmth, glory and wisdom, we are all channelling our original light. Channel it for all you can. Healing hugs of deep strength. Love from the body of man.

Knees, Heart, Throat.

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