Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (June 28)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


The View:

The splendour of our chakras:
The pervasive and graceful healing realms unfold to create a very strong spiritual awareness and consciousness. Rooted in sharing and giving; all healers begin and end their day in the light.

Whether the days are tough or gentle, it is the activity of the heart and the hands, which is the basis of healing practice. All healers heal all delusions and negativity and rise with the light of love on every occasion. There are rough and gentle days, and the presence of the light the only constant. Healing is always the greatest opportunity to continue life purposes and recognise the habitual tendencies of others and heal those as well. The healing empowers us to bind ourselves with our community and gently hold on to our treasured souls in this journey called life. As we gradually learn to do this, we begin to once again see the power of the healing grid. Deepen, embolden, empower, invigorate, strengthen and in the process healing on become enmeshed in the grid of light. Awakened to the pure energy. Healing hugs of rooted emotions. Love from the whirlpool of light.


Heart, Elbows,Higher Crown.

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