Not just Vice-Prez, Twitter removes blue tick of noted RSS leaders

New Delhi: Despite new government regulations for social media put in place, Twitter seems to be going off the line. In the latest move, set to flare up tempers, it has removed blue ticks from accounts of several noted RSS leaders. They include Suresh Soni, Arun Kumar, Krishan Gopal.

The social media platform removed the blue badge from the personal Twitter handle of the Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu, @MVenkaiahNaidu.

Although, the official handle of the Vice President of India @VPSecretariat continues to have the blue badge.

According to Twitter, the blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable, and active.

It aims to encourage and maintain trust between users on the platform by confirming the identity of an account with Twitter in order to be verified.

As per Twiter, verification is part of the social media platforms’ commitment to serve the public conversation by informing people of the authenticity of accounts with considering the public interest.

To be verified, an account must be notable, authentic, and active. The six types of notable accounts that Twitter currently verifies include Government Companies, brands and non-profit organisation, News organizations and journalists, Entertainment, Sports and esports, activists, organisers, and other influential individuals.

Twitter states that it may remove the blue verified badge and verified status of a Twitter account at any time and without notice if an account changes its username (@handle) or an account becomes inactive or incomplete or if the owner of the account is no longer for which position they were initially verified and do not otherwise meet our criteria for verification since leaving such position.

Twitter may also remove the blue verified badge from accounts that are found to be in severe or repeated violation of the Twitter Rules including impersonation or intentionally misleading people on Twitter by changing your display name or bio violations that result in immediate account suspension or repeated violations in Tweets, including but not limited to: hateful conduct policy, abusive behavior, glorification of violence policy, civic integrity policy, private information policy, or platform manipulation and spam policy.

The blue verified badge was removed from the Vice President of India’s personal Twitter handle over inactivity, although several twitterers have put screenshots of handles that continue to have blue tick despite being inactive for over a year.

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