Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (July 10)

Message of the Day – By Renooji

My healing mantra:


Each time the losses and deceptions of life teach us about impermanence, we begin to heal in truthfulness and recognise that there is only one truth , that the light of love always shelters us .

Difficulties and obstacles if understood and healed properly , always lead us to the corridors of illuminating light, and then everything turns to become an unexpected source of huge strength . So today turn to your obstacle milestones, and know that they will help you uncover your inner strength. This is not just a material uplifting but also a spiritual one. As we heal, we only grow stronger and stronger. To be a spiritual healer, one has to connect to the courage within. To connect to the knowledge of the higher intellect, the compassionate heart, but still gentle and fearless. Healing becomes the shelter that we seek. Healing hugs of single minded security. Love from the corridors of courage.

“ My whole life I uncover the strong goodness within.”

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