Astrology 2021: Message of the Day (July 12)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


My healing mantra:


As we live our life, we are seeking messages, information, ideas, love and compassion for opening up our eyes to the design of the universe and our extraordinary relationship to it

We are independent and interdependent with all the people, places, animals and things. This universe is a vast network of closely woven lives, looking like a countless variety of gems, each with an entourage of soul flames, that allow the light to ignite and reflect themselves. Each soul reflecting in itself every other soul, and we are in fact all one with every other soul. See waves of soul groups congregating around you to help you create awareness about your life, you realise that every other soul comes from the same river of compassion and love and light. Everyone is a part of the same family. We must realise that we are related to every other soul that has descend upon Mother Earth. Reach out, seek out, share and care and heal on to live well. Healing hugs of constantly changing circumstances. Love from the treasures of the healing realms.

“All things seen and understood are interconnected.”

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