Astrology 2021: Message of Day (July 4)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


My healing mantra:


Deluding yourself that you are healing, when in fact you are not even able to move away from the ocean view of the negative,

As humans, connected to the river of grace, we are always dipping in and out, and when we are on the banks of this river of love and light, we can see the light more clearly, and we want it much more. As we reflect and connect and sitting there we pretend that we have it. To clearly seek the Light and the heart of grace, we have to be humble enough to stay positive in the river. To do the action of healing and be completely awakened to the splendour of the river. As we stay and act, we relish and cherish the colours, shapes, scents and flavours. Whatever perceptions arise, we should be like a little child going into the beautifully decorated temple. Leaving the temple one has to leave everything natural, fresh, unspoiled and vivid. When we do every action in perfection, then the colour does not fade, the shape does not change, the healing reaches its destination and the glow does not ever disappear. Healing hugs of deep reverence. Love from the luminosity of clear action.

‘ I am completely awake to the splendour.’

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