Astrology 2021: Message of Day (July 8)

Message of the Day – By Renooji


My healing mantra:


The confidence, the contentment, the spacious serenity and the strength of profound honour in the healing realm leaves me conceived for ever .

Through advanced healing practice, accompanied by daily healing practice, we can all bring ourselves to an extraordinary triumphant journey of forgiveness and conceptualising all. Yet, it cannot be stressed often enough that the path can only be followed with a heart full of love and cleansed of all blame. Following the healing tenets, under the guidance of a Master, the fact that one has to bear in mind is that the heart has to be filled with blessings and love for the self. The realisations that dawn upon the mind are many; but they are simple and  are that one has to be inspired and blessed to live life without expectation. To conceptualise the full simplicity of the nature of our healed mind and heart allows us to live in balance. Letting go of blaming the other is the real path to freedom for the self and others. In this process we are able to cleanse the mind in the river of love and bring our selves back to our original plan and destination. Continue to forgive , and conceive happiness for one and all. Healing hugs of great security. Love from the gentle banks of the river.

“My greatest treasure is my ability to conceive myself.”

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