Man saves woman from drowning at Mumbai’s Gateway of India; video goes viral

A video shot near Mumbai’s Gateway of India shows a man rescuing a woman who has fallen into the sea, while people can be seen trying to help them as the two struggle to come towards the safe spot.

In the almost two-minute long video, several people can be seen guiding the man towards safety who had jumped in the sea to save the life of another person. Later in the video, it can be seen that passers-by and police officials were able to assist the man in bringing the woman closer to the elevated platform.

The man in the video who is trying to rescue the woman is Gulabchand Gond, a photographer by profession.

The woman seen in the video is 30-year-old Pallavi Munde, who was sitting on the sea wall opposite the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace and Towers Hotel. According to reports, she felt dizzy around 8.30 am and fell into the sea. That is when the photographer saw her falling into the sea and rushed to save her.

Colaba Police officials have confirmed that Munde is a blood pressure patient and hence felt dizzy when she was sitting on the sea wall. Munde had come to purchase fish at the Sassoon dock.

The police said that once out of the water, Munde was taken to a hospital for a medical check-up.