gayatri prasad prajapati arrested accused of rape

Gayatri Prajapati arrested

Cabinet Minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati, who was accused of gangrape of Akhilesh's government, has been arrested. Police arrest his arrest from Lucknow. Along with this, the drama that has been going on for months has also been cracked, in spite of the allegations of gangrape and arrest of the Supreme Court, Gayatri kept on walking openly and with the police, his mouse cat was playing. As long as Gayatri was not arrested, both the government and the police were surrounded by allegations that they were deliberately being saved.

There was also a feeling of pressure in these allegations that even before the complaints were filed against Gayatri and the cases were registered, neither the government understood the need for action nor the police. There was also the allegation of granting protection to the mining mafia against Gayatri who collected the bamboo property of thousands of crores from the BPL card holder, and also to protect the regional criminals, but never got worse. Alam was that as soon as the allegations against Gayatri were being framed, his condition continued to grow.