World’s first 5G chip

Huawei Chinese electronic device and smartphone has unveiled Balong 5G01, world’s first 5G chip at Mobile World Congress 2018 held in Barcelona, Spain.

The chip has been designed and manufactured by Huawei. It offers 3GPP standard 5G connectivity and provides down link speeds of up to 2.3Gbps. It supports 5G connectivity across all frequency bands including sub-6GHz and millimetre wave (mmWave) to offer a complete 5G solution suitable for multiple use cases. The chip is designed for multiple use cases and is claimed to be first to offer 5G connectivity at network, device, and chipset level.

5G is wireless communication technology based on third-generation partnership project (3GPP). It is next generation mobile networks technology after 4G LTE networks. It will offer far greater upload and download speed available at present.