Angular Version 9.1 Now Available. What's new in Angular 9.1 ?

This is a minor release of the framework and the CLI that is a drop-in replacement for 9.0 containing new features and bug fixes.

Build Speed Improvements

Improved the speed of ngcc, and allowed it to compile multiple packages concurrently.

TypeScript 3.8

Added support for TypeScript 3.8, in addition to existing support for 3.6 and 3.7.
This release adds many great features to the TypeScript language, including:

  • Type-Only Imports and Exports
  • ECMAScript Private Fields
  • Top level await

New CLI Component Generator Option displayBlock

Angular components are displayed inline by default, as that’s the default for most DOM elements. It’s very common for developers to want components to use the display: block style. When you create a new component, you can now set this up automatically.

ng generate component my-component --displayBlock

To turn this on by default, set the schematics.@schematics/angular:component.displayBlock key in your angular.json to true, or use:

ng config schematics.@schematics/angular:component.displayBlock true

TSLint 6.1 by default

Newly created projects will now use TSLint 6.1 by default. If you want to migrate to the latest version, make sure you are on version 9.1 first, then you can opt-in via:

ng update @angular/cli --migrate-only tslint-version-6