Samsung Might Introduce 600MP Camera in Future

Samsung might introduce 600MP Camera sensor in future which will break the limit of Human eye which can distinguish about 500 Megapixels of resolution.

Samsung is working on new possibilities in pixel binning technology and might develop 600MP Camera Sensor for its future smartphones. Samsung has already crossed the 100MP mark by introducing 108MP camera in its latest offering Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The new flagship smartphone by Samsung used 3×3 pixel binning, which absorbs more light and mitigates the issues caused by low-light settings. It is also expected that tech giant will use the same theory and process in its future offerings.

Samsung Will Break the Human Eye Limit
As per the information revealed by Samsung’s Yongin Park, head of the senior business team, human eyes can distinguish about 500 Megapixels of resolution which has been compared with current camera’s resolution and flagship smartphone resolutions. Samsung, on the other rock, is working on the development of camera sensors with 600MP resolution which will break the human eye limit. Also, it is expected that Samsung will unveil the 600MP Camera Sensors very soon.

Samsung Jumped from 64MP to 108 MP in Six Months
Samsung revealed the 64MP camera sensor in May 2019, which used the 2×2 pixel binning sensors. Just six months after the launch, Samsung rolled the 108MP camera sensor in the market with better light absorption and sensors. Since the tech giant just took six months to jump in 108MP Sensors, it is highly expected that Samsung will not take time to introduce the 600MP Camera sensor in the market.

Samsung Will expand the use of Image Sensors in Different Application
As per the post published by Samsung newsroom, Samsung has been continuously working in image sensors, but the application has just been limited in the smartphone field. Also, the tech giant is working on creating endless possibilities in pixel technology, and it is expected that Samsung will expand the scope of image sensors and use it in different applications like Drones, Autonomous Vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT). Samsung has also been the leader in the small-pixel, high-resolution sensor which will continue for a long time. The tech giant is also exploring sensors which would detect smell or tastes along with Image sensors. The new possibilities by Samsung if launched will help users go beyond their senses and become an essential part of human life.

Samsung Jumped to 108MP Camera resolution in six months
Human Eyes can distinguish about 500 Megapixel Resolution
Samsung is working on Smell and Taste Sensors along with Image Sensors