Amphan Cyclone To Hit Odisha, Bengal as well as other states of the country

New Delhi : Many states including Odisha, Bengal are on alert regarding super cyclone emphon made in Bay of Bengal. According to the latest information from the weather department, the cyclone that hit the Bay of Bengal is wreaking havoc in Odisha before the landfall.
There are high winds at this time in Paradip, Chandbali and Balasore, Puri. Between noon and evening on Wednesday, it will hit the landmark near the Sundarbans on the Digha-Hatia coast of Bengal. Then the wind speed is 155 to 165 km. Will be hourly. However, Mahapatra has said that there is not much danger in Odisha with emphon. But in the meantime its impact is being seen in many more states of the country. These are all states whose boundaries are connected to Bengal or Odisha. These include Jharkhand, UP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh.

The impact of cyclonic storm emphon has started appearing in Kolhan, Jharkhand. After a slight drizzle since last night, the day has also started with rain here. The sky is cloudy. The administration has already issued an alert in all the three districts of Kolhan and the employees of the electricity department were canceled to maintain the power system.

In Chhattisgarh, there has been an alert about storm storm in districts bordering Odisha. In fact, the rains brought devastation in Mahasamund and Balod districts on Monday afternoon. Tin roofs flew in many villages. Over a hundred trees were uprooted. Electricity supply has been disrupted in more than 50 villages due to falling electric poles.
The tin roofs of most of the houses in Kalenda, Chibrara, Kasalba villages in Saraipali area of ​​Mahasamund district had blown. In Kalenda village, a house wall collapsed due to the storm. In such a situation, there is a possibility of a storm in these areas. The entire state has been cloudy on Tuesday due to the impact of the storm. There has been a severe thunderstorm in Dantewada.