China successfully discovered the Coronavirus vaccine

Beijing: China's Sinavac Biotech Company has announced that it has developed an anti-coronavirus anti-coronavirus and has been successful in administering it to the monkey.

The coronavirus, which began to spread in Ugan, China, is now spreading worldwide. It has not yet been officially announced that any drug has been found for the coronavirus that threatens the world.

Many countries are desperately trying to find an anti-coronavirus vaccine.

China has also issued a notification of immunization. The drug, known as Picovac, was manufactured by Sinavac Biotech Company of Beijing. Three weeks after injecting the drug into monkeys, they were attacked by the corona virus.

 After checking in a week later, they found no virus infection in the lungs of monkeys. The drug was also reported to be severe apnea for unpaid monkeys. Thus, the picavac vaccine is determined to be successful in monkeys.