Health Minister Harsh Vardhan to become chairman of WHO Executive Board

New Delhi: PTI India is going to grow in the World Health Organization (WHO). Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan is going to be the next chairman of the 34-member Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO).
In the midst of a worldwide corona virus epidemic, India's health minister assumes this responsibility. Officials said that Harshvardhan may take over on May 22 and he will replace Dr. Hiroki Nakatani of Japan.

Harshvardhan is reported to be replacing Dr. Hiroki Nakatani of Japan, who is currently the chairman of the 34-member WHO Executive Board. Officials said that Harsh Vardhan will be selected in the Executive Board meeting of the World Health Organization on 22 May.
The post of president is held by rotation for one year among the regional groups. It was decided last year that India's candidate for the first year starting on Friday would be the Chairman of the Executive Board.