Odisha Govt Readies 500,000 Beds For Migrants Returning Home

Sources IANS

As migrants had started to return to Odisha, the state government had arranged around 500,000 beds to provide Covid-19 health services in rural areas, Panchayati Raj Secretary D.K. Singh said here on Wednesday.

About 12,000 temporary medical camps have been readied in 6,798 panchayats with all basic facilities. Sanitation and cleanliness have been the priority at these camps.

The migrants were being provided quality food and the healthcare workers along with other service providers used personal protective equipments (PPEs) while working in these camps, said Singh.

Subroto Bagchi, Odisha government’s spokesperson on Covid-19, said 35,540 Odias had returned to the state by train, bus and other vehicles. Of them, 7,451 Odias returned on Wednesday, he said.

The state government is expecting return of around 500,000 migrant workers. Quarantine for 14 days is compulsory for the returnees.

For urban areas, home quarantine is the preferred option. Wherever home quarantine is not feasible, institutional quarantine will be arranged by the urban local bodies.

Returnees could also opt for paid quarantine in a hotel or lodge identified for the purpose, said Bagchi.

Institutional quarantine is compulsory for returnees in rural areas. The quarantine authority for the rural areas will, however, in case of pregnant and lactating women, children, students, professionals, transgender and physically and mentally challenged, allow home quarantine.

Wherever it’s not feasible, such categories of returnees will be provided with special facilities. The Department of Revenue and Disaster Management has issued an order in this regard.