Railways has so far run 557 laborers special trains carrying more than 7.70 lakh people in Maharashtra

New Delhi: Shivaji Sutar, Central Public Relations Officer of the Central Railway said that at the request of the Maharashtra government, the Railways has so far run 557 Shramikar Special trains carrying more than 7.70 lakh people. Nodal officers of Railways and Nodal officers of Government of Maharashtra are in constant touch for the scheme of trains. He further said that as of now, we have demand of 46 trains of Maharashtra government, out of which 5 trains could not run as they were to go to West Bengal and Odisha which were affected by emphon. The remaining 41 trains have been notified today.

Explain that the railway is running a lot of trains for migrant laborers. However, the railway was surrounded many times due to route changes. The railways had again clarified on Sunday about the late schedule and changes in routes of labor special trains. Railways had said that the sudden increase in the number of Shramik Special trains going to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar messed up the system of train operations. Due to this, the routes of trains have to be changed and workers have to face problems.

The railways had said in a statement that 2,810 laborers special trains have been operated since May 1, which has traveled more than 37 lakh people. Of these, 80 percent i.e. 1,301 trains have gone to Uttar Pradesh and 973 trains to Bihar. This has been the main reason for the heavy rush on the route.

Railways had said that there is a intensive check-up of passengers at destination stations. Because of this, the track is taking time to empty. This statement of the railway came after these reports, which said that many labor special trains are not reaching their destination and are reaching other states.

On Sunday, Railways said that more than 2600 trains will be run in the next 10 days.

On the other hand, the railways have planned to run more than 2600 labor trains for the next 10 days to evacuate the stranded migrant laborers due to the nationwide lockdown. Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav said that schedules of more than 2,600 trains have been set in the next 10 days. 36 lakh migrants will travel by these special workers trains. Not only this, he also said that states have been asked to state their requirements regarding the operation of special trains.

Significantly, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs, there are about four crore migrant laborers in different parts of the country. Since the nationwide lockdown, 75 lakh have reached their homes through trains and buses. The Joint Secretary informed about the steps taken by the Central Government to facilitate migrant laborers since the nationwide lockdown, which came into force from 25 March. He said that on March 27, advisory was issued to the states to treat migrant laborers sensitively and ensure that they do not have to leave their place during lockdown.